Fiona McElroy

Fiona McElroy (Vocals): With a voice described as gutsy, smokey, laid back, and enjoyably more Etta James than Janis Joplin (No offence meant to Janis, we love Janis), Fiona has a stage presence and style that whips up audiences into a frenzy. Fiona has sung all her life, being Irish, she had no choice. It was expected!! Somewhere along the line, she must also have kissed the Blarney stone, as she uses her Irish banter to playfully engage crowds to be part of the Big Mamma's Door experience. Her communications skills may of course have been helped by the detour she took away from singing for a few years, distracted by the bright lights of the theatre. After graduating from the Gaiety School of Acting, she worked as a theatre professional until 2003. But the lights just weren't bright enough and she had to return to her true path... singing! So she produced her own show, ‘The Memory of All That’, a tribute to the Gershwin brothers, which sold out in Dublin (Bewleys Café, Theatre) and Limerick. And that was that, no longer could she ignore the internal persistent whispering to sing! Since then she has sung standards, rock, funk, and soul with various bands. Now she combines all that experience with her first love ...Blues. Think Etta, think Elvis, think Patsy... think Fiona!

'Alan in the front row tried to verbally take on Fiona saying that he could not understand her, he lost, you don’t take on a red headed Irish girl like that'...The Bottleneck Blues Club