The Band

“This is an engaging and highly energetic band … the audience was wowed by the sheer personality of Fiona as a performer, the artistry of Mal on guitar and the musical excellence of the rest of the band.” - Bill Smith, Blues in Britain

Fronted by Fiona McElroy, Big Mamma’s Door have been whipping audiences into a frenzy at festivals and live events. That’s not surprising considering the dual talents of the big lyrical voice and fantastic stage presence of Fiona, which she uses to build instant rapport, ensuring the audience feels part of the show! Audiences react to the personality and rhythmic sound by getting on to their feet and dancing.

The combined mix of skill, natural talent and enthusiasm with the love of performing music live is the heart and soul of Big Mamma’s Door. Bringing their own distinctive sound, blending rock & Roll and the Blues so that the sound is not trapped in the 1950’s, but is relevant for 21st century audiences that are demanding a good time.

Big Mamma’s Door are unique! The combination of smoky vocals that have been described as Etta James with a pinch of Patsy Cline and the spirit of Elvis, rolled and tumbled with Fiona’s own style, creates the front woman many a band could only dream of! They leave the audiences happy, wanting more and looking forward to the next time!

“Big Mamma’s Door play with undivided unity, as one, they play for each other rather than for showboatin’ and ego building - don’t you just love it when a band sticks to the job-in-hand!! Big Mamma’s Door show here just what can be done by sticking to the basics and refusing to get drawn in to the all-too-common instrumental ‘blow-outs’ .......... there’s absolutely no room in this unit for a prima donna or show-off. Big Mamma’s Door take it back to basics and the music is all the better for it!” -

Between them, the members of BMD have played at most of the top Blues festivals in Europe, including Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Festival Antwerpen, The Great British RnB, Colne, Rock & Blues Weekend, Skegness, Burnley Blues Festival, and Bestival, They have toured UK and European Clubs, with some of the best Blues and Rhythm & Blues bands on the scene at the moment.

And it’s all just a lil’ bit dirty!